Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't Drink the Water (Part 2)

As a continuation to my last post, I am outlining my recent trip to Playa del Carmen. We are on the second half of the trip.

Day three started out with a similar routine. We got up, had breakfast, and headed to the beach in the morning, then to the pool in the afternoon. While at the beach, the boys played horseshoes and sand volleyball while me and Jen laid out. Here are my favorite pictures during the day.

The evening turned out to be one of lots of surprises with mixed emotions. Once Jennifer and Jamie returned to their room to get ready for dinner, they realized Jamie’s iPhone was stolen. He left it on the charger during the day in the room so housekeeping must have stolen it while we were gone on the beach and at the pool. He reported it to the front desk and security, but as you can assume in Mexico, they were not much help. This definitely put a damper on things. Not to mention, around the same time, Jamie got sick. He stayed in the room the majority of the night while the rest of us did other things.

Jennifer stayed with Jamie in the room for a bit while Mark and I walked around, had a snack at the snack bar, and then participated in a dancing class before dinner. I really enjoyed the class (and it was definitely entertaining to watch Mark dance with the guys).

After the dancing class, Mark and I had dinner reservations at the Italian restaurant.

Just after we ordered, Jennifer, Mucio, and Carlos dropped in to join us. We moved to a bigger table and had a great dinner. This was probably my favorite meal. Since it was Carlos’s birthday, the wait staff prepared a mini celebration for him.

After dinner, Jen went back to the room to convince Jamie to come down to hang with us for a bit. In the meantime, we lounged around and the guys had a cigar. After Jamie and Jen came back down, Jen and I went to the sports bar for shots.

After the shots, of course came dancing at the discotheque. At this point, Mark started feeling bad. The boys sure were troopers for sitting around while Jen and I drunkenly danced our butts off!

Day 4, our last full day, turned about to be a little drab. The boys were still feeling ill, and it was cloudy and rainy all day long. The snack bar on the beach was closed as well as some of the swim up bars. That was a bummer, but we got over it and tried to make the best out of our last day.

We started off having our usual breakfast at the buffet then headed out to the beach for some relaxation.

The boys finally broke down and took some Peptol Bismol at lunch. This made Mark feel better. Jamie was still queasy.

We returned to the beach the rest of the afternoon, then headed up to the rooms early to get ready for the night.

We decided to eat at the general buffet so we could get an early start on the shows they had in store for us in the courtyard. The theme at the buffet was Mexico!!

The first show at the courtyard was a skit detailing the culture of the locals there at Playa del Carmen. The second show was a musical and dance performance by the entertainment team with acts including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cher, and The Village People.

After the shows, we went to bed early since we had to be at the front of the hotel at 7AM for our departure.

We were sad, but ready to leave Mexico on Monday. On the way out, we stopped to have a “regular,  Americanized” meal at the Margaritaville in the airport.

The flight was smooth, and when returning to DFW, Mark’s sister, Kim, came to pick us up.

Overall, in despite of some of the obstacles we had to overcome (our luggage almost getting lost, the cloudy and rainy weather the second half of the trip, the boys getting sick, and the stolen iPhone) the trip was loads of fun and it felt so good to get away for a few days in a land that at least tries to make you feel like there are no worries. We love travelling with the Stewart's and look forward to our next destination (we are thinking a cruise next time).

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